Dear Patrons
Our newest fund raiser 
They are $5.00 each.

​​​​As one of our members so eloquently said: 
"A red heart is a symbol used to express gratitude love,
​ happiness and hope.
"I feel the red heart expresses our gratitude and love to the residents of Freetown who are helping us to share love and hope with scholarships for our high school seniors and with donations to various charities in our community! This fundraiser is one way to accomplish our goals! I am so looking forward to when we canhold our annual Strawberry Festival." 

Dottie Grocott at 508-644-2459  and Ellen 508-951-9358
Additional locations will be added in the near future.
Look for more fundraising plans from us in the near future!
As always! Thank you for your support!

The Tuesday Club of Assonet

November 1  Dottie                  $50.00 to Cheesecake Factory
November 2    L&P Nota         $50.00 Cozie Basket from For the Craft of it.
November 3    Melisa T            $50.00  to Fat Cousins Pizza 
November 4   F. Ashley            $50.00 Gift Card Oliveira Brothers
November 5    Jane P                 $25.00  Cumberland Farms/$25.00 Crossroads Liquors
November 6    Margaret L      $50.00 value Patroits Package    
November 7    Fran F                 $50.00 Cash
November 8   Margaret L       $50.00  Gift Card Happy Eats
November 9   Nick M                $50.00 Environmental Resource Service Dartmouth    

November 10 Lorrie D             $25.00 GC Earth's Hidden Treasures/$25.00 Puddle Jumper Quilts  
November 11 Margaret L      $25.00 Friendly's Restaurant/$25.00 Lottery Scratch Tickets
November 12 Sandy P              $50.00 Gift Cards to Dunkin Donuts/Crossroad Liquors
November 13 Mary H               $50.00 Cash donated by the  Tuesday Club of Assonet      
November 14 Fran F                  $50.00  Environmental Resource Service Dartmouth   
November 15 Callie L               $50.00 Gift Card Boston Tavern Restaurant 
November 16 Dottie G            $50.00 Thanksgiving Basket donated by the Lima Family
November 17 Pierette D       $50.00 Gift Card Marshalls donated by a friend
November 18 Margaret M    $50.00 Gift Card Target 
November 19 Fran F                 $25.00 Gift Card Nutrition on Main/Peace on Earth Sign donated      

                                                                 by the Hoffman Family.
November 20 Cathy K            $50.00 Tailgate package donated by JaySan Gas and the Grange
November 21 Joel P                 $50.00 Cash donate by Joshua's Woodworking
November 22   Norman D     $50.00 Gift Card Happy Eats                                                                   
November 23   Dottie G          $25.00 Cosmopolitan Gift Basket Donated by The Rose Family

                                                                $25.00 Gift Card Targe​t                    
November 24                
November 25           
November 26         
November 27             
November 28        

November 29                                                               
November 30         

2022-2023  has begun for us! 

The Tuesday Club would like to express our gratitude and support .
We cannot accomplish what we do without you!
Thank you for your support!
We will be collecting items until shortly before Christmas. Please visit the Veteran's link. Thank you!


The Tuesday Club of Assonet and the East Freetown Grange #307 would like to you all for your participation with our
​ 3rd Annual November Prize Calendar! 2022
Here are some of the winners!




The Tuesday Club of Assonet would like to express our appreciation to you for all of the help and assistance you provided to make our Strawberry Festival’s 33rd year such a success after a two year absence. It was a sellout!
Your help allows are club to fulfill our effort to raise money for the scholarships we award to Freetown graduates each year.
We would like to thank all of our wonderful Crafters and Suppliers.
The Midnight Sun Country Band and the wonderful patron that helped out the band during an equipment malfunction!
Also to the many Tuesday Club members family and friends that pitch in to help us throughout the entire weekend!
To the many Volunteers and Scholarship winners new and from previous years! We love seeing you at the festival.
We couldn’t do this without all of you!
We look forward to working with you all again next year!
Thank you to all the following:
Camp Welch, Assonet MA
Kanakis Produce, Assonet, MA 
Grandpa’s Place, Assonet, MA
Junior’s Convenience Store, Assonet, MA
Torres Insurance, Assonet, MA
Russell Frade, East Freetown, MA 
VFW Post 6643 East Freetown, MA
Eastern Ice, Fall River MA
Whites Dairy, Acushnet, MA
Luzo’s Maxi Market New Bedford, MA
Fall River Cash and Carry, Fall River, MA
U-Haul Rentals
Boy Scout Troop Assonet
To everyone who let us put a sign in their yard or business!

Watch our list expand this coming year!

Wonderful  Christmas Donations!

​Please see view our Veterans Page.

Lap Robes made by a wonderful volunteer!
If you like the pattern please visit our Veteran's Page!

The Tuesday Club of Assonet is collecting items for our local Veteran's at the Veteran's Hospital in Brockton and for the Veteran's Transition Home
in New Bedford.
We will be collecting items until shortly before Christmas.
For your convenience there will be collection bins at
 FIVE locations 

Town of Freetown Town Hall
3 North Main Street, Assonet, MA 02702
 Monday-Thursday 8AM-4PM, Friday 8AM-NOON Closing early 12/21/22

United Church of Assonet 9 North Main Street Assonet MA
Sunday 9:30AM during service and 11:15AM after services.
Please drop off at front door.

Earth’s Hidden Treasures 63 So. Main St. Assonet, MA
Tuesday-Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-5PM, Sunday 10AM-2PM

American Legion Hall Post 121
80 Myricks Road, Berkley, MA Open Daily 11AM-10PM

Freetown Council on Aging
227 Chase Road, East Freetown, MA 02717
Monday-Thursday 8AM-4PM, Friday 7:30AM-10:30AM

For more information please visit our website and find us on Facebook:Tuesday Club of Assonet
For a complete list of supplies and projects visit our website at Veteran’s page

You may also contact
Cathy 508-642-1617, Grace 508-644-2266 or Barbara 508-644-5741  

The Tuesday Club of Assonet  P O Box 251 Assonet, MA 02702


Email us at:

Tuesday Club of Assonet

​​​​​​For more information or to purchase the Hearts you may Email us at: